What about SSR?

From @mojombo:

SSR is priority number one for v2. In the meantime, a number of users use Next.js as a client that talks GraphQL to the Redwood backend. It works very well!

Stay tuned!

Edit: Based on a new approach to semantic versioning and that " Major Version Numbers are Not Sacred", v2 is now not actually v2.

See Tom’s post on semantic versioning here: Major Version Numbers are Not Sacred

That said, the team is making progress on several new what we think will be calling “render modes”.

One of these is cell pre-rendering at build time: Cell prerendering + Prerender routes with parameters by Tobbe · Pull Request #5600 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub.

@Danny and @Tobbe can update the status of the other efforts better than I can.


@dthyresson As far as I can tell, v2 is released and SSR is not supported. Is there anywhere I can follow progress on SSR?

I answered a very similar question in the thread below. Please read it through :slight_smile:

TL;DR? We’re actively working on it, but it’s still a ways off. It’s a huge change that touches on most parts of the framework.

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An RFC for render modes has been created. Feedback and contributions are welcome.

Very well-written RFC on a very complex issue. I took the time to go through the changes from the initial write-up to today’s version: it’s impressive how little were made (or how good was the initial RFC)