VS Code's status bar is in debug mode when opening the redwood repo

Let me know if a similar question already exists, or it’s supposed to go somewhere else, I wasn’t sure whether it would best fit here or in “Contributing”.

Something that has be puzzling me for a while is that when I open my fork of GitHub - redwoodjs/redwood: The App Framework for Startups in VS Code, the color of the status bar changes to the same color as when I’m debugging something.

Has anybody else noticed something similar?

Took some screenshots using the default Dark+ theme:

:white_check_mark: No folder or workspace open: purple status bar, so far so good

:ballot_box_with_check: Open folder: blue status bar, everything checks out

:tangerine: redwood: heard you liked orange

I’m not running anything, I literally cloned the repo, ran yarn install and then code .

A few notes:

  • This happens on both stable and insiders VS Code
  • Tried disabling all my extensions, no changes
  • Tried with the upstream repo instead of my fork, no changes
  • Opening the parent folder of where I cloned the repo “works” (blue status bar), but I have the suspicion that it’s now how it’s supposed to work. Or is it? dun dun dunnnn
  • I’ve only seen it happen with redwood on this machine, haven’t tried reproing on another computer
  • It doesn’t prevent me from doing anything, it just looks like I’m in the middle of doing something important and asking for my attention, but I don’t know what for. That’s it, redwood is a child.


hahaha I asked everyone about that years ago and @peterp was like “oh yeah, I kept losing track of the redwoodjs VS Code window so I made it that color”

:seat: <-- airplane seat is an appropriate emoji that sums up this post, right? I’M TRYING

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Well then, that was fast, thanks :laughing:

Totes appropriate, I was slowly descending into madness here :flight_arrival:

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Found it in .vscode/settings.json if you want to override!

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Whoops! I didn’t know that the colours are reserved for running things. It’s “redwood’s colour”, but we could change it something that doesn’t look like a debugging colour?

Or we can remove it.

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I’d love a --dont-touch-my-vscode-settings flag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The most annoying thing about RW is that every single time I open one it buggs me about installing extensions I have no interest in. So if we could just (optionally) skip the entire .vscode folder that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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:exploding_head: As you can see, the meaning was totally lost on me :laughing: I think it’s alright, now that I know what to expect. We can always revisit it if more people bring it up :slight_smile:

Haven’t had that problem since I told VS Code to disable recommendations notifications for all folders :grin:

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Awesome! Will do that straight away

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