V3 - Some questions about Ethereum Auth

Is it possible to make the authentication step in functions/auth.js (just like dbAuth) ?

The WalletConnect Authentication in document WalletConnect Authentication | RedwoodJS Docs
seem outdated.

WoodRex, this is off topic, but I’ve been considering Auth0 and/or Magic.link as Auth providers. I know Magic.link has Web3 Auth support. Are you rolling your own implementation or are you trying to use a provider like this, and if the former case is true, is it burdensome to support? I had to write my own JWT integration for an ancient PHP 5.2 site recently and I’m feeling reluctant to inventing that wheel again, but alternatively I hate the idea of drowning in cost per user auth pricing models when I’m already paying ESPs and such to send the auth verifications out to the users at utilities like pricing. Magic.link just seems particularly expensive, though it’s obviously a fantastic vendor.

Thanks! I am now using Auth0 as Auth Providers.
Auth0 also provide web3 auth by adding social connection.