Using the Backend of My Redwood App in Other Places

This isn’t so much a technical question as it is a theoretical question.

But I love the idea of Redwood. I very much like the idea of bringing together different services that work well together, and are quite powerful. My question is this…

If I am building a webapp that will eventually also have a companion mobile app, could that mobile app in theory utilize the backend created with Redwood? If so, that would be intensely powerful.


Yes! This was the driving force behind creating Redwood and using GraphQL as the data interface layer—everything speaks through this one API. We want to add a mobile side (React Native, perhaps?) soon. In fact if you know React Native and want to help, we’d be very grateful. :slight_smile:

From the README:

You’ll notice that the web side is called “web” and not “frontend”. This is because Redwood conceives of a world where you may have other sides like “mobile”, “desktop”, “cli”, etc., all consuming the same GraphQL API and living in the same monorepo.