Update on https://rw-community.org/

This site was created with anticipation that RedwoodJS developers (not core team members) will contribute their “discoveries” that could be helpful to other developers. Rather than posting such discoveries to official How To collection, the site https://rw-community.org/ is hosted in one of my domains - decision made to inconvenience @dom the least. At the same the structure of https://rw-community.org/ is created to be identical to the RW official documentation site, so articles of interest could be easily rehosted to RW official documentation site.

Sadly, this effort to organize RW developers to help core team members in writing more technical documentation completely failed. The only contribution of any significance was written by @Standup75 - Create Redwood-Stripe app from scratch.

This lack of success to help augmenting RW documentation is easily understood: who the heck is this @adriatic dude and why should I help such misunderstood effort.

So, I am closing this site, as there is no sense in spending my retiree’s money on this effort.