Unable to run dev server, possible Webpack issue

Upgrading for Version 4 to latest. Dev server won’t run and searching suggested a resolution for Webpack in package.json, which had no effect.


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Hey. Upgrading from that far back probably takes quite a few codemods. Did you go through every upgrade guide one at a time? Did you go straight from v4 to v7 or did you step through them one major at a time? I think going straight is fine, but I may be wrong. Either way, you have to make sure to go check the upgrade guide for v5, v6 and v7 and follow all codemod and upgrade procedures.

I’m not a core team maintainer, so they may be able to provide more insight. But, I upgraded from 3 → 6 last year and had to do this.

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Hi. Have you tried upgrading in increments. 4 to 5. Then test. 5 to 6 then test. Etc.

Making sure -all- code mods are run and succeed.

At which point does an upgrade halt?

Moving from 4 to 7+ in one go is a big leap.

Also - depending on the size of the project, it may be easier to start with a new RW project and then move over your schema and services manually. Once the api is stable. Try the same for web.

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