TypeScript vs JavaScript RedwoodJS usage

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

Does anyone have data on how much typescript usage there is for new Redwood apps?

Asking because we recently launched an email tool (mailing) that we want to Just Work™️ in redwood projects, but we’re not sure how important it is to prioritize vanilla JS. In my filter bubble it seems like everyone has switched to TS for new full-stack projects. We’re trying to be smart with our time and I thought maybe there was a “State of RedwoodJS” type survey I missed.


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Hey @rgbrgb I don’t think we have this data exactly. But redwood works with both javascript and typescript and after this PR will work with Typescript strict mode.

That being said when you generate a redwood app it is generated in typescript and if you don’t pass --ts flag when you create it. It converts all files to javascript. I think that this file handles that. It might be worth checking it out and adding something similar to your project when you generate the files. This way you can support both JS and TS

Awesome, that makes sense. Thanks @KrisCoulson!