Tutorials as readme's, so people can fork and get started

Hi all
My current profession is doing endless tutorials lol.
Each new software is so interesting that I am just grazing, learning all the basic building blocks of recent software, fun.
This tutorial I am doing for Puppeteer is one of the best for the learners because to get started you just need to fork the readme and you can keep it as your scratchpad lab notebook as you progress, update it with any gotcha etc.
Something to keep in mind for Redwood tutorials, to get the newbie successful and up and running quickly. I think it is better than people reading a fixed text such as Medium or Dev.io or a person’s blog - sure publish in that format, but encourage the reader to start by forking and following along in their own copy.

Also, it gets them in the good skills of working with readme’s and markup, as a lab notebook

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Hi! Interesting idea! What kind of content in the Redwood tutorial would you feel helpful as forkable?

I feel like the Redwood tutorial takes you from project initialization to MVP, so I’m not sure a forkable repo would be any different than the boiler generated on yarn create redwood-app ./my-app. Could you share an example of what would be good as forkable?

The tutorial is already in markdown format that can be copied if desired

Actually we are in the process of moving the tutorial to a stand-alone repo with i18n, discussion can be found here:

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