[Tutorial] Using an Azure PostgreSQL DB with Redwood

A month and a half after having tried my hand at plugging an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server (wow what a mouthful) into Redwood, I finally wrote down the steps I followed in order to do so :smiley:

Let me know what you think! This was my first foray into writing, hopefully not the last :slight_smile:

Next steps for this blurb is to cross-post it on dev.to, and tweeting to @AzureDBPostgres about it for the clout, although I’ll probably wait until MS Ignite is over.


There’s no way that’s the first thing you’ve ever written, you’re a natural! Love the design, too.

You absolutely nailed my favorite technical writing style—just enough humor to keep the reader interested, but not so much that it obscures what you’re actually trying to learn about. (I read something recently where every single paragraph had a joke and it was so exhausting to read.) I like to think I did the same in the tutorial —you could plug this post into the middle of it and no one would be the wiser! Although your expert use of emoji may be a hint. :skunk::safety_pin::snowman:(I have no idea what I’m doing.)

More blog posts please!


Could not agree with you more @rob. Your personality shows in your writing (which is a really good thing!) and absolutely love the geek-chic vibe on your blog. Its brilliant how you use the “thought blocks” to break up the flow to make it more enjoyable. Having that TOC is a nice touch too.

I second the motion, more blog posts please! :open_book::nerd_face::globe_with_meridians::partying_face:


I second and third @rob and @danny … it’s rare you read something that describes a complicated process but makes it feel like anyone can do it


Nice work! And now you have to present at a future Meetup.


^^ very rare double-rocket


Thank you everyone, you’re all too kind! Reason #15 why this community is awesome :sunglasses:

You nailed it!

:gloves: yes :lion: please :beverage_box: more :fuelpump: emojis :bath:

That is a great way to phrase it, thanks @danny! Definitely better than “I have no design skills so I’m using Paint and hoping people think it’s on purpose” :joy:

That’s exactly what I was going for, glad to hear that’s how it looks like :slight_smile:



Awesome! When you first mentioned working on this I was hoping you’d do a write up, so I look forward to digging into this. This will also give me an excuse to finally try Azure.

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