Tutorial : email server validation shows a runtime error coming from apollo

using Redwood 5.1 in tutorial chapter 3 saving data/displaying server errors
After following the instructions I provoke the server error like this :

After pressing save. I got a runtime error coming from apollo :

Uncaught runtime errors:
Email must be formatted like an email address
ApolloError: Email must be formatted like an email address
at new ApolloError (http://localhost:8910/static/js/app.bundle.js:69551:28)

When I click this error away. I got the right error output as mentioned in the tutorial.
Is there a possiblity to hide this runtime error ?
I’m using the typescript version.

I am also seeing this. Here’s my rw info:

OS: macOS 13.3.1
Shell: 5.9 - /bin/zsh
Node: 18.12.1 - /private/var/folders/n4/c94txqt94ln5098fy7fqqtdw0000gn/T/xfs-f36ecba9/node
Yarn: 3.5.1 - /private/var/folders/n4/c94txqt94ln5098fy7fqqtdw0000gn/T/xfs-f36ecba9/yarn
SQLite: 3.41.2 - /usr/local/opt/sqlite/bin/sqlite3
Chrome: 113.0.5672.92
Firefox: 113.0
Safari: 16.4
@redwoodjs/core: 5.1.2 => 5.1.2

Hey @luk and @ojbyrne, thanks for reporting! I can reproduce this, looking into it


The fix is here:

I just released v5.1.3 with the fix. @luk, @ojbyrne could you upgrade via yarn rw upgrade and confirm that section of the tutorial is working as expected? Thanks!

Working as expected now. Thanks!

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It’s ok now. Thank you !

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