Tutorial additions

I have not worked with a lot of JS libraries but have used plain Ruby on Rails and Django for some personal applications. Now I would like to take a deeper dive into this project and see if I can actually build something myself. The tutorial was really well documented, easy to follow and fun to read. My compliments!

Now I want to get a little further than just creating crud apps and playing with api’s. How would one implement authorization and authentication? Using auth0, netlify identity or okta? Never done this before so this might be a plain stupid question(and not related to reedwoodjs), sorry in advance.

Thanks for the kind words!

It’s a great question. We’re going to provide a standard way to handle authentication, we’re going to support Auth0 and Netlify Identity to start. We’ll likely be using something likehttps://github.com/Swizec/useAuth to let you know if your web side is authenticated.

I’ll be focusing on this in the next few days.

I’ve created an issue here: https://github.com/redwoodjs/redwood/issues/214


@peterp The docs should mention something about how to handle global state in redwoodjs

I took a look in the code. What is the purpose of RedwoodProvider()

Ah, great question. I’ll connect with @peterp and put together some information about this. We’ll let you know!