Translate to Indonesia Language for RedwoodJS documentation

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry if this topic out of discussion.

I have plan to translate to Indonesia community with several documents for RedwoodJS start from general overview and totorial at first taken from RedwoodJS repository, small question, is there any some guidance or link that covered this process or should i fork from repository and translate directly…?.

Thanks a million

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Hello! Thanks for your interest here! You’re the first person that’s volunteered to translate and we honestly don’t have a plan in place! Have you done this for any other open source projects? Do you have a preferred workflow?

Right now we’re pulling documentation for from two separate places: in the repo itself, and from READMEs in the main Redwood repo.

Here’s what does: Once you say that you want to own a translation they create a new repo with a complete copy of the site and keep it self contained. Changing languages on the site means you go to a separate subdomain, which serves the contents of that repo. I’m not sure at what point the new translated version of the site is considered complete enough that it can go live? And I can’t imagine what’s involved in updating all translated sites every time a PR is merged in the english version.

What do you think?

Hi @rob,

Big thanks for your kind reply, I am sorry just replied your message, at the moment I don’t have a plans to create an open source project, for your information, my friend in Singapore is planning to produce for their client, but he is waiting for at least version 1.0. I think for the initial stage, I will translate with two repository documents as you have given, I have to walk right away, at least my target in the process of translating (general overview and some tutorials) can be with version 1.0 release perhaps end of this year, thanks again for your points.

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