The Ubiquity of React Server Components

Redwood Post-RSC Focus

As Redwood’s RSC implementation approaches a v1 release, I thought ahead about RedwoodJS’s focus post-release. To help think about it, I sketched out a quick map to think from and posted my thoughts on Spoke. I welcome any feedback, thoughts or criticism - feel free to respond openly here, on Spoke, or privately if preferred. Also, as always, we gladly welcome any help or contributions to our efforts. Please reach out if you are interested in helping.

Here the full Spoke post here where I get deeper into the weeds.


Maps are tools to kick-start strategic discussion by clearly showing the assumptions being made about potential futures. By charting how elements may evolve, maps can help us evaluate strategic decisions and implications. For RSC, as it evolves into a standard React feature, custom implementations and feature differentiation will diminish while best practices and standard patterns solidify. This is a common evolutionary pattern seen as systems mature and standardize, enabling greater future complexity (I link to a couple of resources in the post). I assume we can expect this future because the React team is heavily invested in developing and promoting RSC. By proactively considering this likely future, we can better anticipate its impact on the core focuses of both the Redwood core-team and the broader RedwoodJS community.

This anticipated future is sort of the ‘meat and potatoes’ of this particular map. Three or four things come to mind here: marketing, documentation, feature development, and general RSC improvements. I give my thoughts on each of these in the post. Although more maps could be made that explore this topic in different ways, this is the first way that came to mind. Again, feedback is very welcome.

The ‘ubiquity’ of RSC refers to the idea that, as RSC matures into a standard React feature, awareness and adoption will spread from early adopters to become ubiquitous - commonplace - amongst all React developers globally. Effectively, this expands the market for RSC to spread across. With Redwood’s early RSC integration, it will be an early entrant into this new market and has potential to be a great resource for the broader React community!

The Map


Please know that I am not speaking on behalf of the core-team with any of this. Rather, I am looking at it more like an interested party who wants to be helpful however I can, and strategic mapping is something I have an interest in. Some of my assumptions may be wrong, and my suggestions or ideas may not be what RW goes with. Either way, I welcome you to read the post and share any reactions or thoughts you may have.

Again, more here: