The Prophecy is Fulfilled: Tutorial Part 2 is Coming

The full Redwood Experience is ready to be unleashed on the world and the Tutorial Part 2 will show you how it’s done. Part 2 covers Storybook and Jest in depth and finally explains the reasons why there are so many files in each directory.

But we need your help! Any proofreading and spot checking you can do would be greatly appreciated! We’re happy with the basic flow of the tutorial, what is created and in what order, we’re just looking to make sure all the “its” and “it’s” are correct, the “colors” don’t have any "u"s in them, that kinda stuff.

You can view it here as a preview deploy on Netlify:

And if you find any obvious problems you can change them directly be committing to the branch/PR here:

If you have a bigger issue, like something is confusing or you find that some code simply doesn’t work, please comment on the PR so we can discuss.

If you want to try and actually go through it and run the code you’ll need to be on Redwood v0.22 which will be released later today.

Thanks everyone!


Redwood 2: The Redwoodening