Test scenario attempting to truncate deleted table

I started using scenarios for testing, and was running into a problem where RW was attempting to truncate a table that I had deleted prior to running the scenario tests.

I was seeing this error about the CreditPack table, which no longer existed:

Invalid `prisma.$executeRawUnsafe()` invocation:

Raw query failed. Code: `42P01`. Message: `relation "CreditPack" does not exist`

CreditPack was nowhere in the source code, but I eventually realized that it was referenced in .redwood/scenarioTeardown.json. Once I removed that file, the error went away. Not sure if there is a better way to resolve this kind of issue.

I’ve had to delete or edit that file when deleting a table as well. Easy fix for what should be an infrequent case…but tricky for a new user.