Test multiple databases in a single redwood project


I’m trying to use multiple databases in one redwood project.

I followed these instructions
Support for multiple databases in one app · Issue #507 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub
Multiple Connections / Databases / Datasources · Issue #2443 · prisma/prisma · GitHub
and got it working.

However, I cannot work out how to change schema.prisma in testing.
Say, my schema.prisma are in ./prismaClients/dbOne/ & ./prismaClients/dbTwo/, is there a way to specify these schemas in testing?

When I run yarn redwood test, the log says

Running Prisma CLI...
$ yarn prisma db push --force-reset --accept-data-loss --schema /dev/redwood/redwood-blog/api/db/schema.prisma

Environment variables loaded from .env
Prisma schema loaded from api/db/schema.prisma

Error: Couldn't find a datasource in the schema.prisma file

I also got

No Prisma Schema found.
Redwood searched here '/dev/redwood/redwood-blog/api/db/schema.prisma'