Template arguments

I know that there is the ability to create custom templates for the generators, for example by using:
yarn rw setup generator sdl in order to customize the sdl templates.

I would like to generate more types in my case for providing Filtering and Ordering types in the generated sdl files.

However, the provided variables that are available to use in the templates are way too limited. Is there a way to specify custom variables? How could one iterate over model fields?

Digging deeper, I could see that those variables are generated (in the case of sdl) in:

But this is integrated in the redwood cli library. Is there any recommended way to override and customize this?

Any documentation or guidance in this direction would be very helpful!

Hi @techpet,

Could you expand a bit more please on what you’re tring to achieve? A specific example would be very helpful.

Perhaps you’re looking to configure graphql-codegen? Generated Types | RedwoodJS Docs

Sure @danny , thank you for your interest!

This is a followup topic from Prisma selectors in resolvers

I want to generate more SDL input types so that I could for example use some filters in my findMany resolvers. As an example, please see @shansmith01 's case:

Is there currently a way to override the default templates by customizing them in order to automatically generate those types?