Switching Deployment From Netlify To AWS Serverless?

What is the best practice for switching an App that is currently deploying with Netlify to AWS Serverless ?


What’s causing you to switch away from Netlify? What is AWS going to get you given Netlify functions are AWS lambdas.

When you say AWS Serverless do you mean standing up all your own services and a cdn in AWS yourself — or using something like http://serverless.com//?

In short you’ll need to remove all the Netlify artifacts, change up the functions directory, remove netlify toml, update the redwood.toml to change functions path and then setup whatever your new deployment target is.

I’m not dissatisfied with Netlify - their services work very well.

I’m getting questions from on high asking why can’t I move our stuff to the AWS account so that all services are “within our walls” to satisfy new compliance directives for the coming year. Huzzah!

When I say AWS Serverless I am referring to the deploy target ‘AWS Serverless’ as specified in the Redwood docs. Docs - Deploy : RedwoodJS Docs

My first attempt at just try it and see what happens met with error so I will start a new project and see how things get setup when it’s AWS Serverless from the start

Serverless: Configuration warning:
Serverless:   at 'functions': name 'auth.ts' must be alphanumeric
Serverless:   at 'functions': name 'graphql.ts' must be alphanumeric


This is something I’m looking into, the aws serverless setup commands, and agree its fallen behind, and only works for very specific cases.

The plan is to resolve this during the RC phase, so stay tuned!

If you’re curious about progress, I’ve setup a project board here: Serverless deploy target · GitHub and will be keeping it updated.

(also all help is welcome!)

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