Support for GraphQL Subscriptions using SSE

Does RW currently has built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions using Server-Sent Events? If not, how can we achieve it, need to write an Envelop plugin?

Kindly have a look at it. You may use to enable SSE in RW.

Not yet, but it is in the v2 roadmap to determine a possible way to support this in both serverless and serverful deploys.

Since the RW GraphQL server implements helix, it is/will be possible.

We intend to explore Live Queries as an alternative to Subscriptions.

More info here:

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Hi @dthyresson

graphql-yoga has built-in support for Subscriptions using SSE. It may help the RW developers to implement this feature.

Yup! Exactly. The Core Team has a great working relationship with The Guild and graphql-yoga is something we’re talking to them about for v2.

Sounds like we’re on the same wavelength!

If there’s anything with Redwood GraphQL that you’d like to dig into, please let us know as always looking for contributors as we improve it.


For sure, I will dig into it. My opinion is if you bring “yoga” in, it will add value to RW.