Supertokens >= 0.32 break

supertokens-auth-react >= 0.32 deprecated canHandleRoute() used in Redwood Routes.tsx implementation.

if (SuperTokens.canHandleRoute()) {
    return SuperTokens.getRoutingComponent()


Redwood references 0.32.4 in @redwoodjs/auth-supertokens-web@npm:5.3.0

Do you plan to upgrade the code or pin to a previous version ?

@mat this sounds like a miss on our part—the PR upgrading supertokens (linked below) made it into v5.1.0 and should’ve been slated for the next major. I’ll work on reverting that in the next patch and save v0.32+ for Redwood v6.

@mat I just released v5.3.1 that reverts the upgrade to this package:

Thanks @dom !