Suggesting small edit on documentation

Hi, what is the process of suggesting minor edits to the documentation.

I noticed the ‘tutorial’ section we see the folder referenced as /api/prisma; when the cli tool actually creates a directory named /api/db instead.

I suppose that’s just a minor change, but how would you go about changing that.

Also totally random but in the tutorial page getting dynamic(, the cli command for creating a migration for post is written as

yarn redwood db save create posts

I personally think putting that slighly different as

yarn redwood db save "create posts"

would have been better, as it clearly differentiates which part is a string name we provide.

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Hi @asdethprime! Welcome to the forums :wave:

I think you have two solid suggestions there :slight_smile: The code/text for the tutorial lives in so it’d be awesome if you could open a PR against that repo with your suggested changes :heart:

Awesome thank you :slight_smile:

I have opened a PR with the update

P.S Awesome I can see my PR has been merged and documentation is already reflecting the changes. :slight_smile: