'Subscriptions are disabled' is continuously logged after upgrading to v6

Hi All,

We are seeing the following message logged in our application every few minutes:

[INFO] Subscriptions are disabled.

This is filling up our logs and also fairly distracting. I did some digging around and I think this might be due to an aggressive logging decision done by the framework.

We have a fairly prototypical graphql.ts, that looks something like this:

export const handler = createGraphQLHandler({
  loggerConfig: {
    options: { operationName: true, query: true, tracing: true },

I noticed that createGraphQLHandler() calls createGraphQLYoga() without providing it a realtime parameter.

As a result the code here will always log the info.

Also copied below:

if (realtime?.subscriptions?.subscriptions) {
    } else {
      logger.info('Subscriptions are disabled.')

I’m not to familiar when this handler is called, but I presume whenever a we need to getCurrentUser(), we will log this unnecessary message.

Are we doing something wrong on our end to prompt this routine info log, or is this indeed an aggressive log?

Hi @timchinenov - Subscriptions and RedwoodJS Realtime in 6.0.1 is in an intermediate stage with this PR rounding out the tasks: feat: Support GraphQL Subscriptions in Apollo Client using SSE links by dthyresson · Pull Request #9009 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

As part of it, that message (and some other debug logging) has been removed as no longer needed.

Apologies for the misleading message and inconvenience, but will be sorted out once this PR merges and in the next release. Some other logging has been removed for clarity as well.

A workaround for now would be to set logLevel to warn or error levels.

The message has been removed here: https://github.com/redwoodjs/redwood/blob/13e2ad7b942dfac0785b1659b45063e668a13933/packages/graphql-server/src/createGraphQLYoga.ts#L153

Alright, thank you for the information. We will look forward to the MR getting merged in. Does the team have an ETA by any chance?