Stripe Payment Link Flow Issues


I am using Payment Links with Stripe. After the payment has been successful, I have it set up to point to a specific URL to my site. The flow is something like:

  1. user clicks on upgrade button
  2. leaves my app to go to Stripe to complete the payment processing flow
  3. upon successfully completion of payment the user is automatically re-directed back to my site from Stripe.

The specified landing page does not load and the site redirects to the home page.

I am trying to get the payment link flow to work with stripe so I can minimized my time coding this part.

Any ideas on what I might be missing. TIA!

I am not getting good error messages. I am sure I am missing something simple.

Hi Reinhal,

It would be helpful if you included a reproduction of your problem, and/or details of your implementation and Routes file. Otherwise there’s not much to help you debug with here!


Good point, the error messaging has been weird.

Here are a couple of screenshots to show that the page I am using to direct a user to from the stripe is not getting pulled as a JSX element like other pages are:

Here is a code snippet of that WelcomePage:

const WelcomePage = () => {
  const { currentUser } = useAuth()
  return (
      <MetaTags title="Welcome" description="Welcome page" />
      <WelcomeMessageCell id={currentUser?.id} />
        Find me in <code>./web/src/pages/WelcomePage/WelcomePage.js</code>

export default WelcomePage

When I navigate directly to the route I do not see any console.logs I put in the page or the component that that renders, which makes me think it is something up with how the page is getting pulled in.

Is there more code I could add that would be helpful? I am not figuring this out.

There was a buried useEffect that was not checking the isLoading prop of the useAuth() object.

The flow all seems to be working fine now and the user is getting upgraded to PRO!!