SSR on the roadmap?

I couldn’t find any information about SSR (server-side rendering) in the RedwoodJS docs or here in the forum. Is this a feature that is on the roadmap?

Hi @crabasa

There’s a conversation that got started in a GitHub Issue, which has the most background to-date but probably needs to be moved over here to the forums. For now, please do check out this Issue thread #217.

Not immediately (we 100% welcome community contribution near-term). But we are definitely aware of the needs regarding SEO and general performance. Our inclination is that the approach will be “pre-render” vs. “server-side render”.

Here’s the best summary from Tom:

We don’t currently have any mechanism for SSR, as the only “server side” element right now is the GraphQL API deployed to Lambda functions. We do intend to provide an option for routes that will allow you to prerender portions of your website, which for certain cases, will provide similar benefits to SSR (especially around SEO).

Our main focus with Redwood right now is around developer experience and smooth integration of the fundamental technologies. We are definitely thinking about the impact of SEO and will be addressing that in the future, but for now Redwood is client-rendered only.