Spreadsheet Style Editing in Cell / Page

New Feature Request: Spreadsheet Style Editing in Cell / Page

I would propose a new feature where one can edit a table data (from prisma backend) using spreadsheet style editing.

Phase 1: One can use Tabulator (http://tabulator.info/) for the front end
Phase 2: Access Control for rows and columns

Not sure exactly what the feature request is here. A little bit more explanation might be necessary.
If you are looking to access your database in a table view you can always run yarn rw db studio this will start prima studio which allows you to edit and query your Prisma database in a table view.

For more documentation on Prisma studio you can checkout https://github.com/prisma/studio

Thanks for getting this started @VinayaSathyanarayana!

Note: The original conversation started in this GH Issue:

Prisma Studio is designed for Admin Staff. I am looking at end user usage.
They would like to update few things.
May be update discount rate for a set of products. One would prefer to update it in spreadsheet form Vs change discount rate for one product at a time.

Have you considered https://react-table.tanstack.com/ ?

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I’ve used ag-grid at my day job for situations like this and have found it to be pretty enjoyable to work with.

But, taking a step back, is this something that should be integrated into the framework, or something one would implement with the framework?

At first impression this use-case doesn’t feel broad enough to me to be shipped to every Redwood user, but I very well might be wrong. I’d be interested in hearing:

  1. why I might not be thinking about this the right way
  2. how - in general - the community thinks about what gets added to the roadmap and what doesn’t

Sidenote: from a UX perspective I love the interaction of users updating data in table directly without having to click an “update” button. I’ve always thought of this as one of those above-and-beyond interactions that can make an app feel really well designed.

I 100% agree @tctrautman. It doesn’t seen like a fw-level component at this time.

@dthyresson @tctrautman Thanks for your inputs.

If one looks at the sandbox examples of react-table, one can see a lot of standard boilerplate code. The promise of Redwoodjs is to do things easily by having the redwood scripts take care of all the boilerplate code.

I strongly recommend that redwood.js support editable grid cell as a standard offering

RedwoodJS always welcomes PR’s if this is something you’d like to tackle?

Even a Cookbook write up to walk through how one might use React Table and set it up would be helpful.

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