[Solved] We need a Storybook tutorial! [boom!]

If you have used Storybook with Redwood, would you be willing to write a post on how to do that?

As a new user of Redwood I would like to follow a tutorial using more of the suggested tools


Assuming you’ve already gone through the Introduction to Storybook section of the tutorial you can check out Making Better Components With Storybook by Milecia and I also did a meetup talk about a year ago, Using Storybook with Redwood, where I walk through the Storybook section of the tutorial. I totally agree though, we could use a lot more Storybook material.

Also this Design-first Full-stack: RedwoodJS, Storybook, and Tailwind - YouTube should help you in understanding the cool redwood flow of building stuff.

P.S: is not really “Redwood flow” but you get the point.


No, @ajcwebdev I had never noticed that there was a part II of the tutorial !!

@bogdan ! OMG ! that’s what I was looking for !!

@thedavidThat should be our tutorial now !!

(it’s certainly going to be my commercial for introducing Redwood at work !!)

As always, Redwood Rules !!

later: the more I use storybook the better the experience becomes, our Tutorial really needs to start with getting Storybook Running !!!

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@thedavid would you post that video to the redwood you tube channel?

that way it’s referenced from the awesome-redwood (which needs to showcase that, imo)

(it never ends… :slight_smile:

Good call, the awesome-redwood repo actually references videos from all over the place and not just the Redwood YouTube channel so I’ve added it here.

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I just posted my comments to @thedavid’s storybook-redwood demo, insinuating the need for several tutorials on RedwoodJS using CMS as backends (Contentful, Joomla, Kajabi, Drupal and Strapi - this list could be smaller and larger, dependent on a quick poll we could set up).

I like @thedavid’s choice for the demo - with a proposal that instead of presenting the storybook team, we introduce the RedwoodJS core team and “deserving” contributors (showing storybook team to Contentful, Strapi, etc would not be politically correct :wink:)