Simple baremetal deployment

I’m a lost when it comes to baremetal deployment, not having a strong Linux IT background. I need to deploy directly to a robot, which will serve up a web app to control itself on an airgapped LAN. So here’s the type of simple deploy.toml I’d like:

host = “”
username = “cpaliqaw”
password = [passworddeleted]
sides = [“api”,“web”]
packageManagerCommand = “yarn”
monitorCommand = “pm2”
path = “/var/www/app”
processNames = [“serve”]

After testing locally, I’d like to be able to just replace the host with the fixed IP of the server, then use Let’s Encrypt to enable https. I guess I’m not sure why it is necessary to use a git repo, when the code is already on my box: the deploy.toml itself is part of that checked out repo. Is/should such a simple deployment scenario possible, or am I missing some concepts here?

At any rate, Introduction to Baremetal | RedwoodJS Docs assumes a great deal of background knowledge in order to be comprehensible, and doesn’t point clearly to resources that will help me get that knowledge, so I’m a bit lost, something which is not true of any other documentation pages I’ve read so far for RedwoodJS.