Ship Background Jobs, Crons, Webhooks, and Reliable Workflows in record time with Inngest and RedwoodJS

Inngest is an open source platform that adds superpowers to serverless functions.

You can implement background jobs, delayed jobs, scheduled (aka cron) jobs, step functions and even fan-outs quickly and reliably.

We’ve added super-easy Inngest configuration to Redwood experiments.

rw experimental setup-inngest 

Note: your project needs to use at lease version 5.0.7 or newer or a recent canary release.

This command uses inngest-setup-redwoodjs to setup Inngest for background, scheduled, delayed, multi-step, and fan-out jobs:

:heavy_check_mark: Adding Inngest setup packages for RedwoodJS …
:heavy_check_mark: Install inngest packages …
:heavy_check_mark: Configure inngest …
:heavy_check_mark: Add the Inngest GraphQL plugin …
:heavy_check_mark: Add inngest helloWorld example …
:heavy_check_mark: Modify the GraphQL handler to the useInngest plugin …
:heavy_check_mark: Add inngest dev script to package.json
:heavy_check_mark: Adding config to redwood.toml…

Once configured, please see what is added, where and why and your next steps.

The above docs will show how to can run the Inngest Dev Server and start building event-driven workflows.

Creating Functions


yarn inngest-setup-redwoodjs function <name>

to create background, scheduled, delayed and other Inngest function types.

You will be prompted for the function type.

Auto-Instrumented GraphQL API

The philosophy is to:

  • “instrument everything” by sending events for each GraphQL execution result to Inngest to effortlessly build event-driven applications.
  • provide fine-grained control over what events are sent such as operations (queries, mutations, or subscriptions), introspection events, when GraphQL errors occur, if result data should be included, type and schema coordinate denylists … and more.
  • be customized with event prefix, name and user context functions

This experimental plugin feature will instrus=ment your api to send events which you can later use in you workflows and jobs.

The function command can ge used with:

yarn inngest-setup-redwoodjs function <name> --graphql

And you will be given a list of queries and mutations to use when creating your function. The event name will be based on the GraphQL operation for consistent conventions.


Please do provide feedback on this experimental command as well as the plugin and function commands.

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