Hi, for a integration I am working on I am trying to use a shadow database with prisma migrations (see here)

Everything works if I pass the shadow db url as a parameter to the yarn rw prisma migrate diff function, but I wanted to configure the shadow db url as shown here: Release 2.17.0 · prisma/prisma · GitHub, i.e. assign to prisma scheme the url like this:

datasource db {
  provider          = "postgresql"
  url               = env("DATABASE_URL")
  shadowDatabaseUrl = env("SHADOW_DATABASE_URL")

still if I do not pass the --shadow-database-url to the cli call I get an error

option requires argument: --shadow-database-url

Has anybody experienced this problem?

Got the answer from the prism board, will leave it here for reference: shadowDatabaseUrl in schema.prisma appears to be ignored by the cli · prisma/prisma · Discussion #20414 · GitHub

migrate dev uses that value.
migrate diff unfortunately does not yet.