Set up netlify Identity in redwood before deploy

Now I’m stuck with my local auth popup trying to find an old instance of Identity. I have no idea how to change this behavior. Any suggestions?

And fixed! Apparently this was just the variable being held in localstorage.

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Hi @netanelmaroof And, yes, more than a few of us have been bitten by that one! Glad you figured it out.

For anyone else who runs into the same issue, here’s the workaround:

If you start working on another Redwood app that uses Netlify Identity you’ll need to manually clear out your Local Storage which is where the site URL is stored that you entered the first time you saw the modal. Local Storage is tied to your domain and port, which by default will be the same for any Redwood app when developing locally. You can clear your Local Storage in Chrome by going to the Web Inspector, the Application tab, and then on the left open up Local Storage and click on http://localhost:8910. You’ll see the keys stored on the right and can delete them all.

Which comes toward the end of this section from the Authentication part of the Tutorial: