Sept 24th Meetup Recap: Recording, Topics, and Links

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for yesterday’s Meetup!

Our next Meetup will be Thursday, October 8th from 17:30-18:30 UTC (10:30-11:30am Pacific). We’re going to focus on Hacktoberfest and all the ways you can get involved as a Redwood contributor. Save the time+date for now :spiral_calendar:. More details to come.

Video Recording on YouTube

Video with timestamps here :tv:

Topic Recap and Links

RedwoodJS Update, Roadmap, and Architecture

NextJS + Redwood

presentation by @danny.

Download slides: Redwood+Next.pdf (874.5 KB)

Redwood + Production API Server

Run a production API Server

  • cd api; yarn add @redwoodjs/api-server
  • yarn api-server -f ./dist/functions
  • Need to add PM2 process manager for production