Selfhosting Redwood using Dokku

I wrote a blog post on how to setup Dokku and use it to self-host Redwood on any cloud computing platform of your choice. I hope you find it useful!

Big shoutout to @brentjanderson. I would not have gotten this working without his gist, showing how to run RW on Heroku Running RedwoodJS on Heroku · GitHub


Now I just need to make a deployment provider for Heroku :laughing:


It’d be cool if you could try my buildpacks - see if they work without modifications on Heroku as well


Nice work on this @Tobbe (and @brentjanderson) :rocket: Stoked to see more deployment options come on line. And will definitely help keep the momentum going with next steps here.

Also, based on recent conversations, this might be of interest to @jeliasson (not for Heroku specifically).

@jeliasson is in the loop. He helped me proofread the post :pencil2:

No kidding! That would be fantastic. I wanted to construct a buildpack myself the gist was much easier to write as a starting point than buildpack scripts. If your buildpacks work on Heroku out of the box that simplifies redwood deployment to heroku tremendously.

Wow, that’s really great stuff!

I was able to follow it and it worked without a hitch. The DNS is optional to try it out – you can use the IP address to do the setup step, and dokku will assign a port. Also if you’re used to configuring nginx, apache2, caddy, or something else with a reverse proxy to a port in Ubuntu, that may be an option for deployment.

Nice to see you found your way over here Ben! You mentioned Dokku in the Discord chat a few weeks ago and that was the first time I head about it. Immediately thought I wanted to try to do something with it, and now I finally got around to it. So thank you for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile:

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I’ve updated the buildpacks to work with Redwood >= 0.30.0 now. api-server is a dependency of the api wide by default with newer RW versions, so no need to manually install it. Also made some other tweaks, so hopefully it’s all a little bit faster as well now :slight_smile: