Seamless deployment to AWS or GCP with Coherence

Hi Everyone,

Zan here from Coherence, the latest deployment option for Redwood. We’re very excited to be contributing in this awesome community and want to thank the team for the collaboration.

To use the language from the docs, this is what you get:

Deploy to Coherence

Coherence delivers automated environments across the full software development lifecycle, without requiring you to glue together your own mess of open source tools to get a world-class developer experience for your team. Coherence is focused on serving startups, who are doing mission-critical work. With one simple configuration, Coherence offers:

  • Cloud-hosted development environments, based on VSCode. Similar to Gitpod or GitHub CodeSpaces
  • Production-ready CI/CD running in your own GCP/AWS account, including: database migration/seeding/snapshot loading, parallelized tests, container building and docker registry management
  • Full-stack branch previews. Vercel/Netlify-like developer experience for arbitrary container apps, including dependencies such as CDN, redis, and database resources
  • Staging and production environment management in your AWS/GCP accounts. Production runs in its own cloud account (AWS) or project (GCP). Integrated secrets management across all environment types with a developer-friendly UI

This is our V1 and we’ll continue to strengthen the integration. We’d appreciate any feedback and are happy to connect with anyone that would like to chat, please reach out to



Really stoked about Coherence + Redwood @Zan

And more to come :rocket:

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Us too! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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