Scaffold generator not generating array in SDL

So I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is an issue. When I generate a scaffold for one of my types called a farm see schema:

model Farm {
  createdAt               DateTime    @default(now())
  description             String?
  farmers                 String?
  founded                 Int?
  id                      Int         @id @default(autoincrement())
  laborSource             String?
  name                    String      @unique
  otherCertifications     String
  partnerSince            Int?
  safetyCertifications    String
  size                    String?
  sustainabilityPractices String
  updatedAt               DateTime    @default(now())
  url                     String?
  city                    String
  lat                     Float?
  lng                     Float?
  state                   String
  street                  String
  zip                     Int
  logo                    String
  images                  String[]
  Inventories             Inventory[] @relation(references: [id])

The resulting SDL does acknowledge the string array:

export const schema = gql`
  type Farm {
    createdAt: DateTime!
    description: String
    farmers: String
    founded: Int
    id: Int!
    laborSource: String
    name: String!
    otherCertifications: String!
    partnerSince: Int
    safetyCertifications: String!
    size: String
    sustainabilityPractices: String!
    updatedAt: DateTime!
    url: String
    city: String!
    lat: Float
    lng: Float
    state: String!
    street: String!
    zip: Int!
    logo: String!
    images: String      // <----- This should be an array
    Inventories: Inventory

This causes the error

TypeError: String cannot represent value: ["https://res.c ..."]

Is this expected behavior and we should modify the sdl manually? Could I have setup something incorrectly?

Manually changing the SDL to:

images: [String]

fixes this for me.

Any help is appreciated.

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I think the reason is that SQLite doesn’t natively support scalar lists:

Here’s the relevant bit:

Note : Scalar lists (arrays) are only supported in the data model if your database natively supports them. Currently, scalar lists are therefore only supported when using PostgreSQL (since MySQL and SQLite don’t natively support scalar lists).

Since Redwood apps use SQLite by default, I’m guessing we based our sdl generator on what SQLite could do. So I don’t think what you’re seeing is a bug per se (and you’re not doing anything wrong either!), but the interesting point you bring up is having the sdl generator be more database aware.

Fair point missed that in the docs. But if you will also notice it seems to be happening on related models too. Inventories is a one to many relationship shouldn’t that be an array of the model in the SDL as well?

Honestly, when I wrote the SDL generator I didn’t even realize this was valid syntax! I only ever saw array syntax in the Prisma docs used when specifying a relationship to another model, like User[]. Searching their docs for that usage:


:grimacing: So yeah, this would require a code change.

However Inventories should have been generated as an array…that may be a bug.

In the meantime you’ll need to manually tweak those generated SDLs, sorry about that!

No worries at all, really small stuff here, loving Redwood so far. You want me to take the github issue down or adjust it to address the model relation sdl generation?

You want me to take the github issue down or adjust it to address the model relation sdl generation

Which Issue are you referring to? Also, wondering if you saw this topic and whether or not the workaround is helpful as well to your issues above:

This was addressed here

Yup the fix for this is in main and should make it into the 0.12 release!

v0.12.0 has :ship:’ed!

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