Running Python for the Backend

Newbie alert!
I am working on a web application where I am visualizing trends and statistics.
In my current setup, the backend is written in Python. Is there a way to integrate that Python setup into the Redwood app?
Thank you.

Hello & welcome to Redwood!

Without knowing more details about your current backend, I’d suggest you turn your Python backend into a library & then call it directly from your Node backend.

I don’t think I’d try to replace the Node backend, security & supports that Redwood provides.



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Agree. Or make it a complete server and interact with it within services.

But, if you are looking into visualizations there are many React based libraries— if your Python backend reruns a dataset you can use that you visualize.

Given that it’s currently running, this solution might be easier - and get you closer to an API for your existing routines

Thanks @dthyresson @ajoslin103
Make sense - glad to hear there is a solution for this
@dthyresson Any idea where I can find example of this?

For those who are curious, I ended up writing the function in JS and used it as service on the api side since it was more intuitive.

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