[RFC] State of Redwood Startups Poll

How about running an annual poll such as ‘RW State of Startups’ to help gather community insights over time?


A poll would be an easy way to learn more about the community and where our users and their startups are in their process. More insight into the ‘demographics’ within RW may help guide some of Redwood’s roadmap/initiatives.

I did a forum search for similar topics and did not find anything.


My initial thought is to capture the current stage that RW based startups are in. Perhaps let it run for a month as a sticky on the forums. We could make a Discord post in the announcements channel, which would notify all discord members about it.

Common terms/phrases for the poll I am thinking about are ‘Pre-seed,’ ‘Seed,’ ‘Series A-D,’ ‘IPO.’ However, these terms or definitions differ depending on what source you read. I have seen some people who don’t like these terms, so please offer corrections or suggestions otherwise. Personally, I have not launched a startup or sought outside funding, so I am not the best person to stamp any list like this as final. I would defer to someone with experience and stronger opinions in this area.

A simple poll along these lines might look something like the following:

What is the current State of your Startup?

[ ] Ideation

[ ] Pre-Seed (Funding < 100k?)

[ ] Seed ($100k-3mm?)

[ ] Growth (3mm+?)


This is a great idea. Do it!

May I suggest another category along the lines of “independent/bootstrapped”? Not everyone wants to raise.


Other things you might want to ask about:

  • How many active users? 0, <10, <100, <1000, 1000+
  • business model? C2B, B2B, B2C, C2C
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@afrias, @shansmith01 Thanks for your input. I am collecting a list of questions/topics. Before moving forward, I will update this topic with those. Any more ideas are welcome.


Just wanted to CC @dthyresson because we talked earlier today, and he’s been doing a lot of work with startups using Redwood.

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