RFC about extending the build system to support multiple targets

Hello everyone,

I know it is mentionned that redwood is planning to support “sides”. Is it public RFC, discussion or detailed roadmap somewhere about that? If not where is the best place to start a discussion please ?

Needs / Use cases :

  • setting multiple clients (#1487)
  • setting different targets (electron, capacitor…)
  • setting shared packages, for example : schema validation (client/api, #7618, #6948) or Ui, types, graphql (client/client)
  • ability to scaffold only client side

Motivation :
To me this architecture issue is crucial because i’m looking for a tech for the next project of my client and Redwood seems to tick all the boxes but i can’t afford being stuck when the project scales and my client ask for other clients. Ofc you can hack things like i did for schema validation with zod… well not reassuring…

Possible solutions :

  • lerna
  • nx
  • turbo