[RESOLVED] Usage Error: Couldn't find a script named "rw"

On a fresh clone of the redwood repo, I get the following:

git clone git@github.com:redwoodjs/redwood.git
cd redwood
yarn rw dev

Usage Error: Couldn't find a script named "rw".
$ yarn run [--inspect] [--inspect-brk] [-T,--top-level] [-B,--binaries-only] <scriptName> ...

Not sure if this is a me-thing or a mainline-thing. If anyone else is hitting this please let me know.

I believe that you should have run yarn install instead of just yarn

Looks like you’re cloning the Redwood Framework codebase. Is this intentional?

If so, you’ll need to use package.json scripts. Check out the CONTRIBUTING.md for reference help when dev’ing on the framework itself.

Wow, oops. It has been 0 days since nick confused his framework repo with his project repo. Thanks friends.



Well, to be clear, this is how you know that big picture you’re DoingItRight™

Carry on, my friend :rocket:

@nickpdemarco if I am that nick that confused you - it was not intentional. I failed to realize that you want to work on the RW framework. Sorry :pensive: