Request for Interest: Livestream about debugging in Redwood

Debugging JavaScript can be hard. Debugging Redwood can be even harder.

A few of us have been kicking around the idea of sharing debugging setup+tips+tricks. But then we realized this might be of interest to the community. If so, we could turn it into a live stream and have several people walk through their own setup and examples (note: hacks are fully welcome and probably exactly what everyone needs to see :laughing:).

So, reply here if:

  • a live stream covering “Debugging: RedwoodJS style” would be helpful to you
  • and/or if you’d be interested in presenting for 5-10 minutes or so

I’ve already nominated @peterp and @olance, so we’ll have at least 20 minutes of presentation plus time for Q&A!

And @rob can’t wait to figure out how to set up the first-ever RedwoodJS Live event :rocket:

I’m so excited. Anyone else?


If you’re interested, feel free to share your IDE/Code editor and browser of choice when developing :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of the Jetbrains IDEs and usually use Chrome, so I can demo debugging a Redwood app with Webstorm (API debugging) + Chrome Developer Tools (front-end debugging)!

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I would love to see a live stream of people using Redwood!

I’m a fond user of console.log everything so I’m probably a good target market for this event.


Ahah yes! When I discussed this with David I was ranting about the var_dump / die “debug pattern” of PHP, which would be the equivalent of console.log everything ^^

There are definitely ways & tools to gain more control and better understanding of how things flow in your app :slight_smile:

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Ah yes. I don’t remember much of my PHP days but I remember var_dump + die!


This will be great. :+1:


I use VSCode and would be interested in seeing this.

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Definitely! It’s still on the radar although a few other things got in the way.

In the meantime, @Robert has shipped some amazing improvements to Jest test support. And there’s still VS Code IDE extenstion in the works :star_struck:

More to come! Just not sure when.


I’m interested, I’m on Phpstorm + Chrome as well.

I’m definitely interested in tuning in, if the time zone allows it (GMT+2). :clap:

Primarily using VS Code and Brave.

Very interested. VSCode, Firefox user.

Hi all! Thanks for getting the momentum going on this (again). There were a few things we were waiting on, one of which was how to host an interactive Video conf that could also be recorded. Now we have a solution we’d like to test.

Two things:

  1. Put a placeholder on your calendar for Friday, July 17th at 10:30-11:30AM Pacific for our first attempt at a public Drop-in Virtual Meetup. The topic is the Redwood API. The format will be a loose agenda of topics with the goal of question-driven conversation. (Look for full announcements and details early next week.)
  2. If that first-round experiment goes GoodEnough™, we’ll attempt to do another one probably two weeks later. It would be great to run with this topic and have some people demo/present. TBD :rocket:

100% attending this, good debugging is absolutely critical for a happy development path in my opinion. VS Code and Chrome user.

I am still in my PHP days (on my way out with RW hopefully!) and I have to say the Laravel error/debugger is pretty great,

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