Redwood's DX from Init to Test to Deploy: Livestream Recording

A few weeks ago, I presented “Full-stack with RedwoodJS” at the Modern Web Online meetup. In a 25 minute walkthrough, I covered:

  • Redwood’s architecture using React, GraphQL, and Prisma
  • Core tooling including CLI and VS Code IDE Extension
  • Modeling Data and using the CRUD Scaffold Generator to quickly build UI
  • Built-in, integrated Jest unit tests and tooling for both the API and Web
  • Built-in, integrated Storybook including mocks
  • Jamstack deploy on Netlify :rocket:

It was a blast! And you can see the live stream recording here:

Join us tomorrow at the RedwoodJS Meetup :spiral_calendar:

Lastly, I’ll be covering similar topics at tomorrow’s RedwoodJS Meetup, which will include time for discussion and Q&A. Come join us!
RedwoodJS Meetup: December 3rd


That’s funny they also have a trivia aspect, I just did a talk for VueNYC and they do a similar thing.


What the heck would AMP support even mean? The only thing I know about AMP is it cratered my Wordpress website.