RedwoodJS Video Series

Hey Y’all,

I am an instructor on and I started making a collection on Redwood.

I would love any feedback you have on these or any suggestions for future topics. I have only gotten to the basics of the router so far and am planning on covering much more.


@theianjones Excited to see these coming online :rocket: Please do keep us informed here as you add more to the series. And right back at you --> if you ever have questions we can help with, please ask away.

Lastly, I’m not familiar with Egghead. How much do the courses cost and/or is there a free preview, etc.?

Thank you!

This is a “collection” which is free to access for everyone. We make a distinction between collections and courses though.

Our courses get the full treatment of instructional design, illustrations and supporting material etc, so they are usually for paid subscribers only.


Fan of egghead here! I used to use it a lot, haven’t had a chance of late. But the effort put into the videos are great!

Looking forward to the collection, and hopefully there’s a course soon too. I think redwood would be perfect for the short video style courses, it’s surprising how much you can setup in a short time.