RedwoodJS v0.11.0

This release improves the existing Auth package (including a new Auth provider), adds the new “Flash” Messaging Bus, and has numerous CLI improvements and bug fixes.

:warning: BREAKING: If you are upgrading, there are breaking changes to the Auth package and manual code changes required. See “Breaking Changes” and “How to Upgrade” below.

v0.11.0 Highlights

  • Added Firebase provider to the Auth package, including a Generator :tada:
  • Added a “Flash” Messaging Bus to pass temporary message objects between components :tada:
  • Want to help contribute to the Redwood framework but not sure where to get started? There’s brand new documentation to help you do just that! And for all you Windows users out there, Redwood has a lot of fixes and improvements to make your contributions much easier.

Special thanks go out to @noire-munich, @Terris, @jtoar, and @Tobbe for the highlights above. And to everyone else who contributed so much to this release, Redwood is better because of you! As a community, we are grateful. :rocket:


  • Auth: Reorganize @redwoodjs/auth #637
  • CLI: Add --auto-approve to db up #661 @rockymeza
  • CLI: Centralize yargs defaults #674 @kimadeline
  • CLI: Remove prisma generate --watch task from dev command #699
  • CLI: Add --create-db to yarn rw db save command #708
  • Generator: Remove cleanup from some generator test templates #681 @jtoar
  • CSS: Use PostCSS loader if a PostCSS config file is present #696 @bjackson
  • Config: Clean up the way exported global values are defined #697
  • Config: Set default to false #712 @jtoar
  • Prisma: upgrade prisma 2.0.1 #713



  • Router: Links: Use browser default behavior for ctrl-clicks etc #677 @Tobbe
  • Generator: Fix pluralization in gen page name #683 @evanmoncuso
  • CLI: rwt copy fix for Windows #694 @Tobbe
  • CLI: nodemon double quotes to fix windows issue #702 @Tobbe
  • TS: Make yarn rw build api also transpile .ts extensions #703

Breaking :warning:

Auth Package Changes
The following changes were made to the Auth package, which will break existing implementations when upgrading to v0.11.0.

  • currentUser was renamed to userMetadata
  • currentUser is now populated from data from ./api/src/auth.js::getCurrentUser
  • provider type was renamed to magicLink

How to upgrade RedwoodJS packages to v0.11.0

:point_right: IMPORTANT: Skipping versions when upgrading is not recommended and will likely cause problems. Do read through all Release Notes between your current version and this latest version. Each minor release will likely require you to implement breaking change fixes and apply manual code modifications.

Manual Code Change

This release includes an improvement to the command used by Netlify build, which was added to the Redwood template in this commit. To manually implement the change, follow these steps:

  1. In your project root directory, open the file netlify.toml
  2. Change the build command to be yarn rw db up --no-db-client --auto-approve && yarn rw build

This adds the flag --auto-approve , which fixes an error some users experienced when applying migration changes to the DB.

If the Current Version is > v0.6.0

Redwood v0.6.0 included a new CLI command to upgrade @redwoodjs NPM packages. Run the following command within your App directory:

yarn rw upgrade

If the Current Version is < v0.6.0

Manually update the following @redwoodjs/* packages.

Root directory package.json
  • "@redwoodjs/core": "^0.11.0”
  • "@redwoodjs/web": "^0.11.0”
  • "@redwoodjs/router": "^0.11.0”
  • "@redwoodjs/auth": "^0.11.0” (if installed)
  • "@redwoodjs/api": "^0.11.0”

Install the upgraded packages

$ yarn install

Redwood Releases on GitHub

You can see all Redwood release notes and version history on GitHub


Thanks so much, @thedavid. Looking great. I was confused for a while trying to use useLocation mentioned in the docs here until I checked it wasn’t part of this release.

Happy to see it’s almost there so just commenting here to help others who might try to use it.