RedwoodJS Tutorial: Netlify Deployment | Unfound Prisma engine binary

Query engine binary for current platform "rhel-openssl-1.0.x" could not be found :point_left: that’s an error :grin:

Hi there!
I am working through the tutorial, and absolutely loving RedwoodJS so far. It is like magic. :sparkles: :mage:

When I got to the Netlify deployment step, I discovered that there is an issue with Prisma running on the platform my Netlify app is using (Ubuntu Xenial 16.04, which is the current default). I have created an issue on Prisma and am cross-posting here in case someone else in the RedwoodJS community runs (or has run) into this problem. If you know a workaround, please let me know!

I tried switching the build image to Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 and now I don’t get the error above, but I do get a 502 Bad Gateway response from GraphQL. Any thoughts?

Build image selection on Netlify is in beta, so that could be the reason for the 502 error when switching from Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 to Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.

I was able to get the app to function normally by adding "rhel-openssl-1.0.x" to the binaryTargets listed in api/prisma/schema.prisma. Below is what my generator client object looks like:

// api/prisma/schema.prisma

generator client {
  provider      = "prisma-client-js"
  binaryTargets = ["native", "rhel-openssl-1.0.x"]

We may want to update the tutorial docs to include this.

Hi @mk.ultra … you’re 100% correct.

Starting with RW v 0.20.0 and Prisma 2.9, there needs to be:

Manual Code Modifications

  1. Prisma v2.9 requires an additional binaryTarget for production deploys to build correctly:
  • add the additional binaryTarget "rhel-openssl-1.0.x" to api/prisma/schema.prisma
  • see this example

This was outlined in RedwoodJS v0.20.0 🚀 but the tutorial is likely out of date – and I know @rob is working on a “Two”-torial sequel and should address this.

I’ve added an issue to address.


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Apparently Prisma changed something on their end that caused this and I believe they have a fix coming… 2.11.0 maybe?