RedwoodJS’ Next Epoch: All In on React Server Components

At the recent RedwoodJS Showcase event, @mojombo made a big announcement about the future of Redwood — we’re focusing on full adoption of React Server Components (RSC).

Welcome to Redwood’s “Bighorn” Epoch :ram:

This is going to be complementary to everything you already know and love about Redwood. And, thanks to great R&D work by @Danny over many many months, we’ll be able to leverage the current experimental Render Modes (SSR) feature as a foundation for RSC.

From Tom’s announcement:

For the last year, the RedwoodJS team has been prototyping solutions to the framework’s lack of a proper server-side rendering (SSR) feature. Today, I’m happy to announce that we have chosen to implement React Server Components (RSC) as our solution to both SSR and the many downsides of pure single page applications (SPAs). This will require a significant evolution of Redwood’s core architecture and to celebrate this milestone, the first Redwood release with RSC capabilities will also be the first release of the next epoch: RedwoodJS Bighorn .

You can read the full blog post here👇

Public Roadmap

The Core Team is committed to being more transparent about the roadmap and status as we head into this epoch. Additionally, there are going to be many opportunities, and invitations, for community collaboration.

We’re excited to publish the initial public roadmap, which will update in real-time as each project is implemented. There’s a lot on this Notion doc that is still in “draft” form — we’ll keep refining and clarifying as we go.

Link to RedwoodJS Public Roadmap on Notion👇