RedwoodJS Newsletter: Issue 2

We just sent out the second issue of the RedwoodJS Newsletter. Here’s a link to the web version. This month’s issue highlighted some of the core technology integrations that are setting the stage for Redwood’s signature Storybook-Testing workflow. Do check it out if you haven’t!

Since there’s been so much killer progress and so many awesome community-driven contributions, writing a RedwoodJS newsletter has been a happy struggle. We kept the short, high information-density format since it seemed to go over well, but we’re always open to any and all feedback–the newsletter is for you!

And so is our second public drop-in meetup. It’s right around the corner, tomorrow (Thursday) starting at 17:30 UTC (10:30am Pacific). We don’t want you to miss it. Hope to see you there!


@dom thanks again for this amazing Newsletter! So good and so helpful.


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