RedwoodJS Intro & Tutorial: E-Commerce Integration w/ Snipcart

Hi guys!

Mathieu from Snipcart here. We just published a new tutorial on our blog using RedwoodJS. We used it to create a small custom CMS with CRUD operations. It’s integrated with our shopping cart to create & manage products.

We loved being able to scaffold a project rapidly without needing to build the API. Adding a table to the database and creating the pages for simple CRUD operations only took a few minutes, so that’s awesome.

It was our first time trying out Redwood, so any feedback is welcomed.



Hi @tiewrap24! I was excited to see the tutorial and implementation. I went through it quickly, but it looked great. And, to your point, really simple. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. :raised_hands:

Fwiw: my only suggestion is actually to change the title of this topic to include Snipcart and eCommerce so people who have not heard of Snipcart will know what it is. And/or people who are searching for eCommerce / shopping cart will find this topic. Make sense?

Hi @thedavid! Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated :slight_smile:

Your title suggestion makes total sense, I’ll do that right away.


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Awesome tutorial! One thing to note: we changed the names of the properties/functions returned by useAuth():

login => logIn
logout => logOut
authenticated => isAuthenticated

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Hey @rob! Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make the necessary changes :slight_smile:

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