RedwoodJS Image Component?

Hi All,

Amazing progress on RWJS - I did the tutorial a year ago or so and now am back going through it a second time.

With NextJS and Gatsby both having very robust image components that handle the tricky setup of all the different formats and srcsets has there been any discussion around setting up something similar in RWJS? Probably a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have for v1.0, but was curious if this was on the radar?


It’s definitely been brought up before. But we currently don’t have an issue or PR open for it. @Chris likes to bring this up from time to time :wink:

@ehowey Do you have any articles or components or something that can help us get started on this?

I would be inclined to start with the NextJS image component and work backwards from there to a simple MVP and then gradually add back in features as needed and customize it for the RWJS integrated experience. This feels a bit beyond my scope/skill level but I would be happy to give it a first try and see what I come up with. I wouldn’t feel confident writing something like this from scratch though.