RedwoodJS Hackathon this Friday, Aug 14th (Hosted by Mintbean)

Saw this on the Twitters and thought it looked like fun. If you’ve been looking to learn Redwood within a group setting or help others learn, check this out:


@thedavid are you helping with this as well?

Host: Zachary McKenna - Full Stack Web Developer

Learn to build how to build a full stack application with RedwoodJS!

I am not, but I’ve had a few conversation with Monarch, who’s one of the founders of Mintbean. They’re early, but there’s a lot of great alignment with between them and Redwood. More info to come, but tl;dr they’re excited to focus on Redwood and we’re going to help a bit to promote and support.

The MasterClass above is a high-level primer to help people prep for the RedwoodJS Hackathon. I haven’t met Zachary, but sounds like he’s really excited to teach a bit of Redwood.

@rob is planning to drop in on the Hackathon this weekend. If you or anyone else want to join him and offer encouragement, support, etc., please check in with Rob! Monarch would be super excited at well.

Lastly, there’s a Hackathon Olympics and Unconference coming up later this month. There will be more ways to get involved and I’ll be updating – stay tuned :rocket:

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