🏆 RedwoodJS (Community) wins a Jammie

We Won :partying_face:

At yesterday’s Jamstack Conf, RedwoodJS was among three finalists for a Jammie award in the category Disruptive product or service:

The vendor ecosystem and open source communities are driving innovation for the Jamstack and modern web. This award will recognize a disruptive and outstanding product, service or project in the Jamstack ecosystem that has changed the way we build websites and apps.

The other two finalists were Eleventy and FaunaDB — two very amazing products.

And we won :rocket::rocket:

The Redwood “We”

More than the award itself, I really want to emphasize one thing. The thing I’ve been saying and the thing I’ll keep saying. Over and over. Time and again.

By helping each other be successful with Redwood, we make Redwood successful.

See. It’s working!

Thank you, each and every one of you from all over the globe. This is so much fun and such a pleasure.

And “we” are just getting started. :wink: