Cannot build pages locally

Trying to follow the steps yarn build and yarn dev

Running yarn build gives me this error value undefined for x-algolia-api-key

Running yarn dev I’m getting the error partial cannot be found guides_nav

Hey @guledali :wave:

Hmm, for the first error, are you possibly using an ENV var in the Web side? Wondering where the x-algolia-api-key is supposed to be imported/coming from…

And looks like a possible export/import error for the second one. I think you’ll need to tell us more about the file with the code for guides_nav and where you are importing it?

[Edit: :man_facepalming:oooohhh, you mean the repo for our website… Thank you for ignoring me.]

Of course I can take you through everything,

  1. First I clone the repo, git clone

  2. I run yarn install command so far so good.

  3. Now I ran the yarn build and problem shows up, check the screenshot below.

  4. The I ran the yarn dev command and this is the output

  5. I visit the and this is what I see

It’s being used in this file _nav.html line 17 -19

    <ul class="hidden ml-6 mt-2 mb-8">

The guides dir has no nav partial, that supposed be generated when you ran yarn build cmd

That nav item is built by the build process, assuming the build process completes successfully. If you want the full capability of the real site you’ll need to sign up for Algolia and get an API key so you can run the search seeding process.

If you don’t care about search, comment out this line in the build script (just make sure you don’t commit it to any branch that you plan on opening a PR against):

Can I ask why you’re building the site locally? If you want to add docs you can do that by appending to the list in lib/build.js, or make modifications to the or to add stuff there. I didn’t expect anyone but me to be running the whole thing locally! :slight_smile:

Actually you should probably comment this line out as well, since this required file is where that ENV var is used:

I just added an .env.example to root and an explanation in the README about what to do with it. :slight_smile:

And this line as well